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Best Red Dot Sight for Concealed Carry 2024

Why You Want a Red Dot on Your EDC Pistol

Adapt to the times! The list of reasons you want a red dot sight for your concealed carry pistol is not short and always growing as technology improves. In the world of concealed carry, integrating a red dot sight onto your concealed carry pistol is not just an option - it's a strategic advantage. Be on target and stay on target when you mount your optics to your firearm with Athena Precision steel red dot adapter plates. Here are some primary reasons red dots are the new standard for everyday carry handguns. 


Sight Acquisition

Finding and tracking a red dot is much easier than iron sights. The dot remains steady, regardless of head movements, ensuring you stay on target with solid precision.



Red dot optics do not prevent you from using your iron sights. Backup iron sights are always an option when using a red dot sight. Even if electronics fail, your trusty iron sights serve as reliable backups to prevent interruptions in competition or defense situations. 


Longer Range Shooting

With a vivid red/green dot optic, it will be much easier to control where the bullet is going at longer-range distances.


Eye Relief

You don’t need to worry about having your eyes a perfect distance away from the optic or iron sight with red dots. Close or far, the dot will be right where you put it. 


Peripheral Awareness

Keeping both eyes open while maintaining control of the red dot will give you the most situational awareness for any scenario. Don’t sacrifice half of your field of view. Keep both eyes open, stay on target, and be more visually aware of your surroundings. 


Better with worse eyesight

Focusing on iron sights can be straining to your eyes and more difficult the older you get. 


Day & Night Reliability

The glowing reticle of a red dot is consistently visible. From low-light environments to bright daylight - seeing your optic and putting it on target is never a problem. 


Are Red Dots on Concealed Carry Pistols Worth It?

Given the long list of substantial benefits, it’s hard to imagine relying on standard iron sights when you and your loved one’s lives may depend on it. Find your target faster and stay on target better when the variables are against you. Mounting a red dot optic to your pistol can be expensive, and require more training with new optics, and electronics always have the potential to fail. Is the expense of a red dot setup worth the surgical precision it gives you with your tool? If the purpose is to hit the target you are aiming at, it’s hard to say the cost isn’t worth it. In a world where split-second decisions determine the results, the benefits of red dot optics far outweigh their investment. A proper red dot will only enhance the functionality of your firearm. Don’t sacrifice your accuracy and expense by putting your optic on a flimsy mounting plate made from soft aluminum. Mount your red dot with precision machined heat-treated alloy steel adapter plates. 
Putting a new optic on your concealed carry handgun will require more training. Becoming confident and comfortable with your new sights is essential - but fun! Who doesn’t want to spend more time pinking targets at the range? Electronics can fail. That is why you should never rely entirely on your red dot sights, even when you mount them to an Athena Precision steel red dot adapter plate. Your iron sights are always available as a backup you should be comfortable with. If your red dot goes out, you can always see and use your standard iron sights. Many new red dot sights like the Holosun 509T are made with solar panels AND battery power sources to prevent the failure of electronics. Red dots on concealed carry pistols are durable, dependable, fast, and accurate. 


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What Pistol Is It For?

When it comes to what firearm you have and/or what red dot sight you have, compatibility is an important question. The mounting and footprint vary by firearm and optic. Find what adapter plate you need based on your firearm or based on your optic at Don’t have the combo you are looking for? Get a custom plate for your setup! Don’t want to use a mounting plate? Send in your slide for custom milling made to fit the optic of your choice.


How Do You Pick the Best Pistol Red Dot for Your Needs?

With so many differences and variations, the best pistol red dot comes down to what you need it for. For concealed carry, some primary factors are reliability, durability, weight, and size. Below are some of the best red dot sights for concealed carry in 2024. Decide what factors are the biggest priority to you and find the optics that align with your needs. 




It’s not hard to decide to get a red dot optic for your concealed carry firearm. It’s hard to decide which one to get. With so many variations and optics built for different purposes, decide for yourself and your situation what red dot sight is the best. It may depend on what firearm you are mounting it to or what your purpose with that firearm is. Don’t wait until you wish you had one. Get a red dot, do some training - and be faster, more accurate, and more confident in your shooting and where you put every bullet. Adapt to the times!


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