Red Dot Optics for Shotguns

Red Dot Optics for Shotguns

With red dot optics becoming more popular, it makes sense shooters will find every application for them. It turns out that putting a red dot on your shotgun is about as good as mounting one to your concealed-carry handgun. Use a steel red dot mounting plate to ensure no movement with the extra recoil shotguns can have. Be faster and more accurate with a red dot on your shotgun.


Better than a bead

Using a red dot with your shotgun is a better sight than a standard bead in every situation. From turkey hunting to skeet shooting, you will be able to locate the glowing dot faster and with more precision than the small bead at the end of your barrel. Just put that dot on target for a day at the range, and you won’t want to go back to a bead. With a red dot, it’s more accurate than the point-and-shoot solution a bead offers. With a proper optic, you can aim much better, like you would with a rifle. Red dots are perfect because you don’t need the magnification with a shotgun.


What to look for in a shotgun red dot



With a shotgun optic, durability is crucial. Shotguns have more recoil, and where people use them tend to be rougher environments. An optic with durability to withstand these conditions is a priority when you are looking to mount a red dot to a shotgun.


Sight Window

Another critical aspect of a shotgun optic is the sight window. For the fastest target acquisition, find a big, clear, sight window that works the best for you. With a good window, you will find the dot and put it where you want it fast.



Maybe the most critical and overlooked aspect of shotgun optics is how you attach it to your sight to your shotgun. With the heat-treated alloy steel red dot mounting plates from Athena Precision, your sight will not move as it could with an aluminum adapter plate. You don’t always need a Picatinny rail. Sometimes all you need is the proper adapter plate.


Solar or Battery

Having a red dot optic means you need power to light the dot. With a solar-powered or solar backup power source for your optic, you can keep going more reliably than just a battery that could die.


Use Cases

Putting a red dot on your shotgun only enhances the utility of your firearm. Increase your speed, accuracy, and overall functionality. RDOs for hunting is a game changer. Put the red dot right on target with confidence - and harvest the ducks and turkeys you are after. In low-light situations, your bead probably disappears, making it tough to shoot accurately. Red dots allow you to see the dot even in complete darkness.


If you can see your target, you will be able to hit it. Ideal for home defense. In a high-stress situation, having a red dot on your shotgun can provide quick target acquisition and increased accuracy, giving you an advantage in protecting yourself and your loved ones.


If you are shooting in a competition, it’s hard to compare optics to no optics. The improved sight picture and precision offered by a red dot optic make the choice clear when the alternative is traditional bead sights. The only competition is what optic you choose to use.


Lastly, range and skeet shooting become even more enjoyable with a red dot optic. The enhanced accuracy and speed provided by the red dot allow you to hit clay pigeons with ease, adding to the fun and excitement of the shooting.



Our Preferences

With so many firearm-optic combinations to choose from, it's hard to select just one perfect match. Every person and every scenario is different. Here are a few of our favorites! 


Holosun 507K – for sight window.

Holosun 509T – for solar power.

Trijicon RMR – for durability.


Check out the Mossberg mounting plates for these optics here. This is what our customers are saying!



Red dots seem to be a logical accessory to enhance your shotgun shooting. Adapt to the times - get a red dot optic for your shotgun and see the difference. Ditch the point-and-shoot method hoping you hit the target and be sure you shoot what you intend to shoot with a proper reticle. Once you experience the difference, you won’t ever go back!
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