Should I Put a Red Dot on My Pistol?

Should I Put a Red Dot on My Pistol?

There are many strong reasons to adapt to the times and put a red dot on your firearm. It’s not that there is anything wrong with iron sights. We just have better options now. If the goal is to put every single bullet exactly where you intend to, then the best optic solution for you is a red dot with the best steel red dot adapter plates for mounting. From speed and accuracy to reliability and dependability, learn more about the undeniable reasons (backed by data) why you should put a red dot on your pistol. 


Why Should You Put a Red Dot on Your Firearm?

Speed & Accuracy

  • Enhanced Sight Acquisition

Locating and tracking a red dot is much easier than iron sights. The dot maintains stability, regardless of head movements, ensuring you stay on target with solid precision.

  • Improved Longer Range Shooting

With a vivid red/green dot optic, it will be much easier to control where the bullet hits at longer-range distances, enhancing accuracy and confidence.

  • Eye Relief

You don’t need to worry about having your eyes a perfect distance away from the optic or iron sight with red dots. Close or far, the dot will remain precisely where you intend. 


Reliability & Dependability

  • Co-Witness/Backup Iron Sights

Red dot optics do not prevent you from using your iron sights. Backup iron sights are always an option when using a red dot sight. Even if electronics fail, your trusty iron sights serve as a reliable backup to prevent interruptions in competition or defense situations. 

  • Enhanced Peripheral Awareness

Keeping both eyes open while maintaining control of the red dot will maximize situational awareness for any scenario. Don’t sacrifice half of your field of view. Keep both eyes open, stay on target, and be more visually aware of your surroundings. 

  • Day & Night Visibility

The glowing reticle of a red dot is consistently visible. From low-light environments to bright daylight - seeing your optic and putting it on target is never a problem. 


Use Cases

Red dots make for better shooting in every shooting scenario. Elevate your shooting experience by mounting your red dot with an Athena Precision steel red dot adapter plate for the sturdiest mounting solution on the market, known for unparalleled durability, reliability, and accuracy. Trusted by military, law enforcement, and those who keep and bear arms. Red dot optics are quickly becoming an indispensable tool for various shooting scenarios.


Concealed Carry

When fast and decisive action for self-defense is required, stay easily focused on target with a red dot optic on your concealed carry pistol. It’s hard to imagine relying on standard iron sights when you and your loved one’s lives may depend on it. The improvements in shooting speed and accuracy could make all the difference in critical situations. 



When the seconds make a difference, be the fastest and most accurate with the advantages of a red dot optic. No more relying on clunky, time-consuming iron sights anymore. It’s always easier to find the dot than to line up iron sights. Don’t limit yourself to conventional aiming techniques. 



When was the last time you saw body cam footage or a law enforcement officer without a red dot? They are almost standard for law enforcement and some military groups at this point – and for good reason. The utility red dots provide is indispensable. From better target acquisition to more situational awareness, these optics have become standard for the front lines of defense. 


Plinking & Target Shooting

It’s always more fun to shoot if you hit the targets and hear the plink sound of success. With a red dot helping to guide your aim, more shots become a satisfying plink or bullseye. Hit your targets with pinpoint accuracy. 


The Proof Is in The Paper.

Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics ran some testing with 24 students, and the data is solid evidence of the difference between iron sights and red dots. Half of the group had iron sights, and the other half had red dots with the same level of skill, training, and shooting experience. Here are the results.  

Red Dot Data


Sage Dynamics Experiment Data



Total rounds fired



Percentage of shots missed



Percentage of hits in critical zone




Should I put a red dot on my pistol? After seeing numbers like this, it’s hard to pass up a red dot. It’s clear this is not just a new, temporary fad. Red dots are here to stay and only get better as technology improves. Adapt to the times and improve your shooting. 


Are Red Dots on Concealed Carry Pistols Worth It?

Given the long list of substantial benefits, it’s hard to imagine relying on standard iron sights for any situation. The benefits red dot optics provide make it logical to reevaluate the reliance on iron sights. Is the expense of a red dot setup worth the surgical precision it gives you with your tool? If the purpose is to hit the target you are aiming at, it’s hard to say the cost isn’t worth it. In a world where split-second decisions determine the results, the benefits of red dot optics far outweigh their investment. A proper red dot will only enhance the functionality of your firearm. Don’t sacrifice your accuracy and expense by putting your optic on a flimsy mounting plate made from soft aluminum. The quality of the mounting system matters. Opting for precision machined, heat-treated alloy steel adapter plates ensures the durability and reliability necessary for optimal performance.


Putting a new optic on your concealed carry handgun will require more training. Becoming confident and comfortable with your new sights is essential - but fun! Who doesn’t want to spend more time pinking targets at the range? Your iron sights are always available as a backup you should be comfortable with. If your red dot goes out, you can always see and use your standard iron sights. Many new red dot sights like the Holosun 509T are made with solar panels AND battery power sources to prevent the failure of electronics. Integrating a red dot optic onto your firearm is the logical choice if you care about accuracy, speed, safety, and reliability. Embrace the innovation.

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